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Bone Density 


About Bone Density:

As women and men age, their bones become thinner and more fragile. When the density of bone is reduced so much that bone quality is to low it fractures.


This disease is known as Osteoporosis. 

Often Osteoporosis goes unnoticed until it is too late and a fracture has occurred. 


However, a bone density test can diagnose this early and help put in place preemptive measures to avoid a broken bone. 

A bone density test can reveal:

  • if you have weak bones or osteoporosis before you suffer a fracture

  • predict your chance of breaking a bone in the future

  • see if your bone density is improving, getting worse or staying the same

  • find out how well your osteoporosis medicine is working

What to expect at your appointment:

A bone density test is fast and painless and does not require too much preparation. 

You should expect the test to be performed on bones and areas that are at higher risk of breaking, such as:

  • Lower Spine

  • Hip/ Femur

  • Forearms

Avoid taking any calcium supplements at least 24 hours before your test.

For the best experience, wear comfortable clothing with wiggle room.


Avoid wearing buttons, belts, or zippers, as you will be asked to remove all metal objects from your person.

bone densitometry.jpg
bone desnisty-Ps.jpg

Bone Density Exam Table 

Learn More about Osteoporosis in this video:

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