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Breast Ultrasounds


About Breast Ultrasounds:

Ultrasounds can explore breasts using sound waves. This method does not expose patients to radiation, unlike a regular Mammogram. 

Breast Ultrasounds can be used to examine abnormalities found on Mammograms. It can also help tell if the abnormality is solid or not, helping identify if the abnormality is cancerous. 

Ultrasounds can also inform physicians if blood supply is healthy.

This real-time imaging is more comfortable for patients and causes less discomfort than a traditional Mammogram. 

This method can also help identify soft tissue better than a Mammogram. 

What to expect at your appointment:

A Breast Ultrasound usually takes about 30 minutes to complete, and no preparation is needed ahead of time. 

After applying a jelly-like substance, the technician will explore the concerning area with a wand-like mechanism.

You may be asked to change positions during the exam to ensure the technician can get all the proper images. 

For the best experience, wear comfortable clothing with wiggle room, and be prepared to undress from the waist up, and to wear a gown during the procedure. 


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